Simple Declutter Tips Before Moving House

Tidy Fairy Pre House Move declutter
I’m so looking forward to my Tidy Fairy job in Portugal, guaranteed sun and happy clients as I prepare and help them move into their new dream house. Having already been out to assess the job we have discussed and made a plan to execute the transition from home of 10 years to new home and new era. Did you know the average person in UK moves 8 times in their lifetime and that moving is rated as one of the most stressful experiences up there with bereavement, divorce, job loss? This is where I come in, it doesn’t have to be like that … it doesn’t have to be stressful, a chore, overwhelming, frightening quite the opposite it can be joyful, uplifting, memorable and above all FUN. Portugal clients have recognized that, they want a memorable move without stress they want the experience to tick the boxes for moving on, a new era, letting go of the old with love, and wrapping up life so far and moving it to the new place but realistically letting go of possessions no longer needed or no longer fit in.  Freeing up space lets there be room for new and I don’t mean just possessions but new attitudes, new beliefs, new ways to address the ever-changing world and challenges we face. This also applies to other changes in our lives when we must move – divorce, death, financial problems, downsizing, upsizing, moving abroad another part of the country etc So back to Portugal … think of me as a moving Project Manager, we will be implementing furniture placement decisions (already made) wrapping up precious objects (china) I will be working with the children to declutter and downsize their existing bedrooms to clear the path for “older more grown up bedrooms in their new house. We will pack the precious and mark the important, we will get tired, hot and sweaty, they will get a bit stressed and overwhelmed but I will be there to hold hands and wave my wand (well metaphorically) to help create some magic to remember this experience as a good one with lots of hope and excitement for the new house and all it brings. Can’t wait for some sun and blue sky! The Tidy Fairy A good clear out of items that have not been used or just redundant, broken or out of date.  Focus on kitchen items, clothes, toys, paperwork. The earlier this project starts in preparation for the move perhaps the better but not always possible.  When I help a client with the pre-move move sort out more can be achieved in a couple of days working together as we focus on just that and if all members of the family get involved including the children it amazing what results can happen. Hire a skip if a big job.  Saves time loading the car and driving to the tip, also attention span can wander as the brain wants us to procrastinate and do other things … anything is better even being the tea person! Go to the tip as a family outing! Yes, it can be bonding and quite fun. Take unwanted clothes, toys books to the charity shop.  As the saying goes “one person’s rubbish is another person’s treasure” Any sentimental items that just can’t be let go off, place in memory boxes.  Label them by the year or as individual members of the family especially the children.  Many clients will already have baby boxes or baby books. Photos – again old photos can be stored and marked in boxes by dates, years or individual family members. Get the removal company to drop off boxes before the move date, even if you have booked them to pack do some of your own so you know exactly what is in the box particularly the items you want straightaway.  Packers will literally fill boxes room by room as on a time limit and everything will be packed.  If you do it yourself it’s another room declutter because there’s always more that can be weeded out! Labels (love labels) either use labels or just write with a big fat marker pen on the outside of the box what’s inside or which room the box is to go to.  Packers will write the name of the room that they’ve packed and place it in that room the other end.  By doing your own, it gives you a bit of control over the boxes, packers plus easier to unpack and place the other end. Don’t panic, breath, meditate, look at the bigger picture letting go of the old and embracing the new.  If it all starts to look too overwhelming or you just don’t know where to start …

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