Timothy Dolby Sept 2022

The Tidy Fairy is a life saver.
Literally organised and oversaw everything for my house move whilst I was away and did so with calmness, efficiency and kindness. Strongly recommended to take the stress out of a difficult life event.

Nick Frost July 2021

I know the phrase ‘she was a lifesaver’ is often bandied around but in our case it was absolutely true. After having building work done our house was in total turmoil, we were about to give birth to a new baby and the house was completely unmanageable… and then Louisa got involved. She’s such a calm, caring focused person. I completely trusted her from the get go and we knew then everything would be okay. She offers an amazing service and I can’t recommend her enough. Thank you.

Francesca Crias 19-21 October 2020

“We cannot thank the Tidy Fairy enough for helping us move house! Louisa certainly had her work cut out dealing with a hoarder husband, a toddler, and me 7 months pregnant but her cheerful, “nothing is impossible” attitude got us through. Everyone needs the Tidy Fairy and I can’t wait to have an excuse to get her back. Highly recommended!

Esra Thomson – November 2020

Conducted through lockdown

The Tidy Fairy is magical. Louisa has provided an utterly brilliant service clearing my elderly mother’s flat which very sadly had become unmanageable after years of hoarding. No aspect of this daunting job was insurmountable. I have complete confidence in her organisational and clearing skills and fully trusted her judgment in deciding what should go or be packed up and sent to my mum’s new flat.

It was a joy to communicate with Louisa. She really does care that the job is done to an excellent standard and she really enjoys helping other people. To this end, she saved my mum and me a huge amount of trauma and stress. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the Tidy Fairy.


One year on from having inherited a large amount of stuff and the Tidy Fairy’s support in sorting our very cluttered home, one bedroom had become the “out of sight, out of mind” room.

Overall the flat was affected by a lot of post-Christmas clutter and indecision, things were on the backslid over the holiday period; the festive 
presents and purchases had left us feeling very overwhelmed!!
We got back in touch with Louisa and applied the principals we had been taught on the first visit – to start tackling the clutter.  With a hardcore maintenance day of from the Tidy Fairy herself, the difference was unbelievable.  As previously, the support was practical without judgement and with an emphasis on making the maximum possible impact within the time.
Thank you so much for giving our spare room back once again.

Reference Letter, Yvette Lumley

I have been employing the services of The Tidy Fairy for a year.  I first contacted Louisa to buy a voucher for my daughter as a Christmas Present 2018 which was such a success that my daughters flat turned from looking like an episode of hoards to remaining tidy even after Louisa had left!  

Since then Louisa has decluttered my husband’s home office, reorganised his filing system and helped him remove any unnecessary historical filing that had accumulated.   I later asked her to help declutter the family home as we had both had an influx of inheritance.  We already have some dates booked for 2020 to continue the process.  

I trust Louisa to the point she has a key to our house and even our dog likes her and he’s not too keen on visitors!  We have many valuables and confidential items in the house, and I feel totally at ease going through these with her. The Tidy Fairy process has given us, as a family, not only a lighter feeling around the home, but has personally helped us focus on other projects we wanted to address without the burden of clutter.

It is lovely to look around the place and no longer look at piles of projects and see all the new inherited pieces finding their final homes.   Louisa works with us and alongside us therefore on the days she comes we have to focus on the job in hand rather than be distracted by other day to day activities.  

I highly recommend her and the benefits of the Tidy Fairy Service.

Rowan Cole – Feb 2022

Louisa came in to deal with over 20 years of paperwork , was ruthless dicarding unnecessary items , then methodically sorted out the remainder into a very useful filing system, well worth the money.

Caroline Logsdail 2020

Louisa goes above and beyond her title of Tidy Fairy, she has a magic wand transforming chaos into harmony. Having moved seven times in one year, Louisa was able to move us successfully from Wiltshire to London and helped reorganise the shambolic store unit into an organised space. Louisa helped settle us at home, manage the removal team, hang paintings, sort out the kitchen and bedrooms and, organise sets of keys into colours which had until then, alluded me…I cannot thank Louisa enough and can highly recommend her and am still using her services to de clutter. Thank you Louisa

Reference Letter Fiona McKnight, Redesign London

I first contacted Louisa at The Tidy Fairy in the Spring of 2018. Louisa had come highly recommended to me through an esteemed colleague. I had the daunting prospect of redesigning bedrooms for my children (one of whom was leaving home), whilst continuing to run my Interior Design business and the summer school holidays were rapidly approaching.

Over several weeks Louisa decluttered and organised the house with meticulous precision. She and her team waded through mounds of untouched possessions in our loft, moved furniture around and to the tip, had all the carpets/rugs in the house steam cleaned on the hottest day of the year, repositioned furniture, cleared out cupboards, had the rooms redecorated, organised clothes/toys and created memory boxes for the kids.

Alongside this, Louisa also helped me with my business, reorganised and tidied my fabric sample room, addressed my very chaotic filing and set up a new, easy to follow, system. With Louisa’s help this did not create any stress, she is methodical, timely, utterly reliable and able to work out what and when things are needed. All of this with a huge smile on her face and a very calm temperament.

Thanks to her I was also able to continue running my business at the same time without getting overwhelmed. Since then Louisa now returns to maintain my personal filing, help with any administrative work for the business, the business filing and she keeps up the memory boxes for my kids. I loved my new labelled life and have no idea how I ever coped before we met.

I cannot recommend Louisa highly enough.

Testimonial, Sarah Jane Wood

Louisa came to help me with my daughter who is autistic with complex learning difficulties, I was recommended Louisa by a friend and loved The Tidy Fairy website and what she achieved for people. I wanted to create a safe zone in our house where my daughter could feel calm and in control.  Lockdown has had a huge impact on her stress levels.

Louisa spent some talking to me about my daughter’s needs and what she liked which was then continued with my daughter where a trust and understanding was established.

There was some initial wariness of Louisa and the invasion of her private space but she loved the name “Tidy Fairy” and thought it funny. Louisa was incredible with her, understanding the need for order and how to touch/ re-place her possessions.

Louisa was very practical in her approach and they discussed how she would like her bedroom to look and feel.  By the time Louisa left her room was a haven of calmness.  There is now different zones for activities i.e. everything to do with hair in one area and any makeup/nail varnish was put into different baskets. 

A cupboard that no-one had looked into for ages was emptied and anything not needed was bagged up for charity or selling.  Everything else put back in an ordered way.  My daughter now loves her bedroom, I love her bedroom!  It has made a 14 year old very happy! 

Thank you Louisa.

Testimonial, Sarah Symington

December 8th 9th & 10th 2021

Louisa worked for me for 3 days moving into our new house. It was so reassuring to have someone who instinctively knew where to place things. She was enormously helpful and practical. We couldn’t recommend her more highly.

The Tidy Fairy
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Elly Gray
Elly Gray
16:23 15 Mar 20
Tidy Fairy is magical. She is helping me to organise my wedding. Nothing is too much, and she thinks of everything!
Amanda Sieff
Amanda Sieff
12:32 23 Jan 20
I spent a brilliant day with Louisa - she helped me clear my tiny office of literally decades of paperwork - we got... through far more than I imagined possible - she reorganised my shelves, dusted and cleaned as she went and now I even have some floorspace! I may well need to bring her back - incredibly energising!read more
Kate Heyman
Kate Heyman
08:49 10 Dec 19
Excellent service, great fun and felt fantastic after my wardrobe de clutter. Thank you.
Philip Shaw
Philip Shaw
09:42 01 Nov 19
Super helpful decluttering and space management!!
Philip S. .
Philip S. .
09:16 21 Jun 19
The Tidy Fairy is London’s decluttering queen - a true professional in terms of home organisation and optimisation!... Very highly recommended!read more
Fiona McKnight
Fiona McKnight
11:55 19 Aug 18
I cannot recommend Louisa from The Tidy Fairy highly enough. She has now done several weeks work for us and I don't... know how we ever managed without her. She is efficient and punctual, organised and unflappable. Nothing ever seems too much for her and I trusted her 100% from day one. If you are feeling the weight of clutter (which, lets be honest, most of us have) she is your woman. There is nothing I haven't given her from Tidy Fairy jobs to PA work that she hasn't been able to do. I cannot recommend her highly enough.read more
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